• Comparison of Oral Mini Pulse Steroids and Daily oral Steroids in Alopecia Areata – submitted as Thesis to National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.
  • Prophylactic Antibiotics for Treating Cellulitis at Home (PATCH) study in Liverpool centre. This study has been conducted by UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network.
  • Audit of Care given in General Outpatient Clinic and 2nd Line Clinic in Dermatology Department -Phase 1.
  • Audit of Target referrals to Dermatology in Sheffield – completed Phase 2.
  • Audit of Target referrals to Dermatology in Chesterfield – Phase 1
  • Roaccutane prescription audit in Mersey region – Phase 1.
  • Audit on Dapsone: Use and monitoring in Mersey region – Phase 1