Did you know there are sixteen different types of skin that exist across the world?

Women are always looking out for the sunscreen or moisturizer that will suit their skin the best. This results in numerous trips to the cosmetic stores ending up with huge spending on cosmetics. Often, despite this, the cosmetics bought do not agree with the customer and hence get binned.

If only someone would know their skin type and the right cosmetics that will suit their skin, all the agony can be avoided.

For ages we have known that there exist 4 skin types viz. dry, oily, normal and combination. Then came in the Sensitive type. Now we in the dermatology world are aware of sixteen different skin types that not only helps in choosing the cosmetics that suit the skin best but also help in deciding the right kind of cosmetic procedures for your skin.

At Juvenis, The dermatologist specializes in finding out the right skin type. This is done with the help of a quick questionnaire that takes upto 15 minutes. At the end of this, you get to know your skin type. The dermatologist goes through your daily skin care regime. He then suggests the right cosmetic products as per the skin type to help with sun protection, moisturizing and anti ageing.

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