Hair Transplantation Surgery (Restorative) – Follicular Unit Grafting (FUT/ FUE)

Hair Transplantation is the only Permanent Procedure for hair replacement. The procedure has evolved over the years where now near natural hairline and regrowth can be given by a well qualified hair transplant surgeon.

The process involves removing hair follicles from the non hormone sensitive areas of scalp & body and moving them to the bald areas on the scalp. It is done with the help of magnifying loupes and specialized instruments that make working on tiny hair grafts easy.
Surgery is recommended to those who are healthy and are looking forward to having more hair on their head to cover the deficient areas. The consultation looks at the availability of good donor supply of hair. With the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, hair can be taken from back and sides of head, chest, back and even from armpits and beard areas for transplantation. Single follicular grafts are taken out from the scalp with specially devised circular blades and held in a cold saline pot till the recipient area is ready. The Follicular Unit Implantation (FUI) is done in the desired area by making tiny slits in the skin.

The entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia which means you do not need to be put to sleep. This makes the procedure Extremely Safe and Painless. Patients usually do not require any sedatives or pain killers during or after the procedure.

A Hair Transplant Surgery can take anywhere between 8 to 15 hours depending upon the complexity and number of grafts that a patient requires. The patient is made very comfortable for the entire length of the procedure. They can listen to music, watch movie or even catch up on sleep during surgery. Lunch and refreshment breaks are taken at the appropriate time for the patient.

The FUE procedure leaves No Scar at the site from where the hairs are taken out.

The chances for the grafted hair to be rejected are minimal as it is the patient’s own hair. The hairs which are transferred to the bald area continue to remain non sensitive to DiHydroTestosterone (DHT). Hence they never fall. It is estimated that upto 95% graft survival can be achieved in the well motivated individual.

Most patients are advised to take some time off work which can range from 3 -6 days. This has a huge effect on overall results. It reduces the chance of infection and graft falling off. Every patient is given a detailed list of activities that are to be avoided during the first 15 days after the surgery. All patients start hair wash as per the doctor’s advice from 2nd day after surgery.

It takes almost 3- 5 months for the grafted hair to show regrowth. These hairs behave like natural hair and can be styled as per the person’s choice.

Advantages of Follicular Unit Grafting:

  • Permanent Hair regrowth; Natural Hairline Achievable
  • Extremely Safe & Successful procedure
  • No Scar at the back of head
  • Painless apart from the discomfort of injection of the local anaesthetic
  • Multiple sessions can be done in the same patient without any increased risk of
  • No Hospital Stay required after the Surgery

It is often advised to continue the medical treatments after a hair transplantation to enhance the benefits of the surgery.