Laser Scar Correction Men and Women
  • Scars are the result of injury to the skin and deeper tissues of the body. They can occur due to accidents, burns and even after surgery.
  • Scars when they are present in exposed parts of the body are often a point of concern and the person would go to extreme lengths to hide them. Laser technology has made life easy in such situations.
  • Scar correction with Laser occurs by remodeling of collagen and fibroblastic activity. The Fractional Resurfacing Lasers work by creating microscopic injury zones within the normal skin which starts the healing process. This results in fibroblastic activity and laying of new collagen bundles in an organized pattern. The scar gets thinner and looks flusher with the skin.
  • Another aspect with scars is that they tend to be pigmented. This needs treatment with pigment removing medications and even laser therapy.
  • Superficial thin scars can virtually disappear with Laser therapy. Deeper Scars do tend to need many sessions of Laser treatment in addition to other therapies to get significantly better in appearance.