Courses Organised:
  • Lipobodysculpting Workshop at Cape Town under the banner of DASIL as a pre-congress workshop of SASDS Annual Meeting in May 2012.
  • Lipobodysculpting Workshop at Malta, 1 st Annual Meeting DASIL, Oct 2012.
  • Lipobodysculpting Workshop at Bangkok, 2 nd Annual Meeting DASIL, 2013.
  • Lipobosyculpting Workshop at Sun City, 3 rd Annual Meeting DASIL, 2014.
  • Lipobodysculpting Workshop at Ho Chi Minh, 4 th Annual Meeting DASIL, 2015.
  • Instructional workshop on Lipobodysculpting and Fat transfer at Mahabaleshwar, ACSICON 2016.
  • Lipobodysculpting Workshop at Dubai, 5 th Annual Meeting DASIL, 2016.
  • Lipobodysculpting and AFT workshop at Shanghai, 6 th Annual Meeting DASIL, 2017.
  • 1st Live AFT workshop at an Indian Dermatology Conference at ACSICON 2019, Gurgaon.
Hands-on Training Course in Lipobodysculpting and Autologous Fat Transfer :
  • I have started training dermatosurgeons in the above procedures at Juvenis Clinic, Mumbai. This is a two-day intensive hands-on training course which has been endorsed by the Fournier & Field Liposculptors Group, a subsidiary of DASIL and ASDS.
Courses Attended :
  • AB Ackerman’s Dermatopathology Course, Mumbai 1996.
  • Management of Scleroderma Complications, London May 2005.
  • Immunology Short Course for Clinicians, London November 2005.
  • British Society for Dermatosurgery Annual Workshop, Nottingham April 2006.
  • Dermoscopy UK, London May 2006.
  • Botox® and Dermal Filler training Course, Wigmore Medical, London Sept 2006.
  • Genital Skin Disease and Dermatology of HIV, London December 2006.
  • Diagnostic Dermatopathology course, London April 2007.
  • Dermatosurgery, Lasers & Phlebology, EADV 16 th Congress, May 2007.
  • Cosmetic Dermatology including BTX, Fillers, Lasers, Hair restoration and Sclerotherapy, Miami University Cosmetic Center, September 2007.
  • Advanced Botulinium toxin, Lasers and Dermal Fillers, AAD, San Antonio, Feb 2008.
  • Intermediate Cosmetic Surgery, AAD, San Francisco, March 2009.
  • Hair Transplantation Course (FUT & FUE), Dr R Jones, Toronto, March 2009.
  • Tumescent Liposuction, Dr J Klein, San Juan Capistrano, March 2009.