Facial Hyper Pigmentation

This is one of the commonest reasons for dermatology consultation. Facial pigmentation is most distressing to a person when interacting with colleagues or family members. This affects men and women alike.

Men usually get a diffuse band of dark brown to black hyperpigmentation over their forehead extending to the temple area and upper cheeks. The most common reason for this is sun exposure along with the stress of urban lifestyle.

Women tend to be more often affected by a condition called Melasma or Chloasma (Cloak of Pregnancy). This has light brown to dark brown patchy areas of pigmentation on forehead, cheeks and nose. It is thought to be a combined effect of the female hormones and sun exposure that leads to the occurrence of this condition. The pigment bearing cells (melanocytes) in the affected skin tend to carry more pigment than normal which leads to the discolouration.

At Juvenis there is a special Facial Pigmentation clinic where in the dermatologist goes into extreme details of the person’s lifestyle to extract the reason for pigmentation and suggests therapies to eliminate it.

Therapies Offerred

The dermatologist having understood the lifestyle of the person is more at ease with suggesting modifications in the amount of sun exposure. This is of extreme importance in preventing rebound hyperpigmentation following treatment of the condition. A Sunscreen as per the person’s Skin Type is prescribed which increases the chances of it being used regularly.

The pigmentation can be reduced with combinations of Skin Lightening creams and Chemical Peel treatments. These are suggested by the dermatologist after evaluating the pigmentation depth and pattern. In certain cases Pigment Reducing Laser treatments are done to aid the above therapies.