Lipo Bodysculpting – Safe Liposuction – By Dr Nilesh Goyal

Lipobody Sculpting

The concept of Lipobody Sculpting was invented by the doyen of Tumescent Local Anaesthesia, Dr Jefferey Klein from USA.

What is Lipobody Sculpting?

The technique involves filling up the subcutaneous space ( Fat compartment ) with saline solution containing the local anaesthetic drug measured with great precision. Once the fat compartment is taut with the fluid, it is then sucked out along with the fat lobules using Lipobody. These are very thin steel pipes specially designed for the purpose.

Are you put to sleep during the Sculpting?

The patient is awake during the entire procedure and is actually talking to the doctor. This helps the doctor to decide the endpoint of Sculpting. The procedure is entirely painless as the skin gets numb with the anaesthetic solution. The procedure allows the person to be fed before and even during the procedure!!

What happens after the procedure?

A tight fitting compression garment is put on the treated area over a padded dressing after the procedure. This is to be worn for around 5-7 days. This is designed to press the skin back onto the underlying tissues and also prevent bruising.

Who can undergo the Lipobody Sculpting for Body shaping?

Ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who has pockets of fat collection on the arms, thighs, and abdomen which are difficult to get rid of even after regular exercise. However, fat can be removed from any area which the patient desires. Often, the doctor gets asked to help with double chin, male breasts and even female breast reduction.
Often overweight patients ask how much weight loss will happen after this procedure? It has been noted that such patients who undergo this procedure, do tend to lose weight significantly after the procedure as they get more conscious of their weight and hence get exercise friendly. This gives them a great cosmetic result.

Are there any scars after the Sculpting?

The Key hole technique ensures that there are hardly any marks left on the overlying skin after the procedure. The tiny entry points on the skin are not stitched, so there is no chance of residual bruising. In dark skinned individuals the entry points do tend to get pigmented, but this resolves very soon afterwards.

How safe is Sculpting?

Sculpting has been bad pressed a lot in the media due to the deaths and complications associated with it. The Lipobody Sculpting under total Tumescent Local Anaesthesia is a very safe technique. Not a single case of death has been reported following this method from around the world.

Complications (and even deaths) are very common with Mega Sculpting done under general anaesthesia by plastic surgeons. These have resulted in the promotion of Non-surgical Sculpting using Ultrasound/ Radiofrequency/ Laser and even Cooling. All of these methods are fraught with complications of third degree burns, nerve damage and bumps after the procedure. To add to it, they are much more expensive than the Lipobody Sculpting and need multiple sessions to achieve the desired result.