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Dr. Amar Ravjiani, M.D.S. (MUM)
Dr. Amar Ravjiani, M.D.S. (MUM)

Orthodontist, Mumbai
Special Attention: TMJ and Lingual Orthodontics.


Dr. Amar Ravjiani graduated in Orthodontics from Nair hospital dental college Mumbai in 1995. He has an exclusive practice in orthodontics and has cultivated a strong interest for Orthoesthetics.Upon entering Orthodontics, Dr. Ravjiani found the orthodontic specialty to be lacking in knowledge of jaw function. He completed the two year continuing clinical program in Occlusion and Orthodontics at The Roth-Williams centre for functional occlusion-USA under Dr. Robert Williams.

Dr. Amar is the founder of IFACE which is the Indian Academy for Functional And Cosmetic Excellence and conducts continuing dental education courses for Orthodontists. He has recently successfully completed the INCOGNITO CERTIFICATION COURSE and Harmony Advanced lingual technology course from Paris and is duly qualified to use both the Lingual systems.

Dr. Ravjiani has treated many patients from all walks of life including famous actors, actresses, models, politicians, brides, bridegrooms and many children and adults. He has learned that the secret to long term health and stability of the chewing system is to achieve, as closely as possible, natures’ ideal harmony between the teeth, jaw joints, and muscles. He believes a pretty smile is important, but it will not last without the correct marriage of form and function within the entire system.

Dr. Ravjiani has his Orthodontic clinics in Ghatkopar and Santacruz West.